Blumhouse Is Remaking Stephen King’s ‘Christine’ With Bryan Fuller Directing

June 9, 2021

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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After years of development, Blumhouse’s Firestarter has finally begun production, but that’s not the only Stephen King project they are working on. Now, they’ve officially announced they are remaking Stephen King‘s classic killer car movie, Christine.
But that’s not all, Deadline is reporting that Bryan Fuller, who was behind the brilliant series “Hannibal” and “Dead Like Me”,  will be both writing and directing the film, which will be produced by Jason Blum and Vincenzo Natai who has been involved with several King adaptations, including In the Tall Grass and several episodes of the series “The Stand”.
In King’s novel, released in 1983, Arnie, a teen who is tired of being bullied and having no luck with the ladies buys a beat-up 1958 Plymouth Fury to restore, not knowing the car is possessed by an evil spirit. Soon, the car begins to corrupt Arnie and the body count begins to rise. It’s up to Arnie’s best friend Dennis Guilder, and his girlfriend, Leigh Cabot, to stop it in its tracks.
In 1983 John Carpenter adapted the story for the film that quickly became a classic, with Keith Gordon playing the role of Arnie Cunningham. Here’s a look back at the original trailer.

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