Legendary Launches “Trick ‘r Treat: 15th Anniversary Collection” Exclusively On Kickstarter

October 10, 2022

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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To celebrate Trick ‘r Treat’s first-ever theatrical release, Legendary Comics, in collaboration with Rocketship Entertainment, today launched a new Kickstarter initiative (HERE) for the graphic novel Trick ‘r Treat: The 15 Anniversary Omnibus Collection.


The compendium features the original Trick ‘r Treat Omnibus along with an all-new story by Trick ‘r Treat creator Michael Dougherty and new covers by Zid (Dune Movie Graphic Novel), Ben Templesmith (Fell, 30 Days of Night), and Christopher Shy (Friday the 13th, Rise of the Warrior) This edition of the Omnibus will only be made available on Kickstarter and not released to retail outlets.



Reprinted in this edition is the original Omnibus, which contains the 2009 Trick ‘r Treat comic (first published by D.C.) that adapts the film and features the talents of (Marc Andreyko, Mike Huddleston, Jim Charalampidis, Grant Bond, Christopher Gugliotti, Fiona Staples), as well as the second comic Trick ‘r Treat: Days of the Dead (Zach Shields, Todd Casey, Fiona Staples, Jose Villarrubia, Stephen Byrne, Zid, Riccardo Rullo). The new story by Michael Dougherty will be an original, all-new tale of Sam.



Legendary Comics brings fans the full compendium of twisted Halloween tales, brought to life by a top-notch team of creators, including writers Zach Shields (Godzilla: KOTM, Krampus) and Todd Casey (Krampus), Eisner Award-winning writer Marc Andreyko (Batwoman), Eisner Award-winning artist Fiona Staples (SAGA), ZID (Dune, Kingdom Kong), Stuart Sayger (Bram Stoker’s Death Ship), Stephen Byrne (Green Arrow), Grant Bond (Supernatural), Mike Huddleston (Man-Bat), and Christopher Gugliotti (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).



“Old horror comics were a huge influence on me as a kid, and they helped inspire Trick’ r Treat, so it’s always a great joy to come full circle and bring Sam to life on the page with such a killer group of writers and artists,” said creator, Mike Dougherty.



Trick ‘r Treat and comics go hand in hand – you only need to look at the movie’s opening credits to see how much Michael loves the medium of comics. Over the years, it’s been great to work with him and a talented group of artists and writers to expand on Sam’s story, and this edition is a celebration of what’s come before and offers a lot of new material for fans,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President, Legendary Comics.



The 2007 cult favorite Halloween film Trick ‘r Treat is currently screening nationwide through the end of October.



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