The Best Sci-Fi Horror Games

November 9, 2022

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The best horror games with a sci-fi storyline are the ones that immerse you instantly into the atmosphere prepared by the developers. They awaken fears and provide non-trivial tools for overcoming obstacles. You can get more understanding of horror games at Be sure to follow the link if you are encountering the genre for the first time. Then you can proceed to check out the best Sci-Fi horror games of all time.


Scariest Gaming Experience of All Time

If your PC’s specifications don’t support the latest games, that’s no reason to give up on sci-fi horror games. Decent projects have been released over the last thirty years. Science fiction and horror fans in one bottle are always something to enjoy. On the Internet, you can find a lot of video games for individual and joint enjoyment in a circle of friends. Many of them perfectly combine

great graphics;

  • grim humor;
  • interesting challenges;
  • a decent storyline.
Game Storyline
BioShock, 2007 This is a game battle for fans of classic action movies with horror elements. A large set of tools comes in handy to achieve victory. On the way to the goal, you need to hack security systems, subject your body to mutations and defeat enemies. Overpower your opponent with the ability to freeze and shatter the body into pieces. You can also electrocute an enemy in water or launch a well-aimed grenade.
SOMA, 2015 Horror fans will find themselves on the research station. The area is not connected to the outside world, so the protagonist has to perform the mission alone. On the way to the goal, there are frightening creatures, which can be recognized as people who have long been in isolation and gone mad. Only extreme caution and a well-thought-out plan can keep you alive and out of harm’s way from infected station workers, treacherous robots, and alien foes.
Dead Space 2, 2011 A flashlight in his hands is all the main character has when he gets to the space station. The first task is to explore the facility, where useful gadgets and weapons are hidden. It takes stubbornness and dexterity to get armed enough for battles with mutants and other evil creatures.
Doom 4, 2016 Many gaming publications keep talking about this masterpiece. This is a great opportunity to try to become a foot soldier, forced to defend the territory of the corporation from the demons. Enemies dream of conquering the world, and only the main character is able to save humanity. Professional weapons are provided for the fight, as well as hand-to-hand combat skills.
Alien: Isolation, 2014 An atmosphere of horror and fear accompany the players from the beginning to the end of the mission. Each player will have to take the place of Amanda, who wants to find out why her mother disappeared. The hunt for information is like a survival process, as the girl initially has no equipment and no experience with extraterrestrial civilizations.
Alien Trilogy, 1996 If Ellen Ripley is your idol, get a chance to be in her shoes and complete important missions. Three zones with ten different missions hide alien enemies whose appearance can be quite frightening. At some point in the game, there will be people making obstacles, as well as infected individuals. This is where a supply of shotguns, flamethrowers, and rifles comes in handy.
Witch Hunt, 2018 Witch-hunting in the distant past has become a modern pastime due to the use of innovative tools. Magical spells and real weapons are needed to track down treacherous witches who can make an attack on the main character.
Lorelai, 2019 Help the main character and get a gift from Lady Luck. Learn along with the girl to find a balance between reality and dream. Sometimes you will be very scared but the adventure is sure to be memorable and will end well.
Outlast: Whistleblower, 2014 Lovers of plots with mental hospitals will enjoy the game. A lot of surprises lurk in abandoned buildings, and they are not always pleasant surprises. Still, someone has decided to restore the activities of the hospital, although the very idea of doing so looks suspicious. It remains to quietly penetrate and find out what it is about.
INSIDE, 2016 Obstacles in the dark virtual world are not as easy to overcome as it seems at first, especially for a teenager. The child in the scarlet jacket has never held a gun and has not faced any extreme situations. Now he needs to become brave and agile to overcome all the game’s obstacles.

The popular Sci-Fi horror games mentioned in the table deserve the attention of risk connoisseurs. Thrill seekers should try classic slots as well in the best Australian online casinos, the list of which is compiled by experts. Gambling entertainment options also include some games with mystical and sci-fi storylines.

New Legends of the Sci-Fi Game World

Not every game of the genre succeeds in captivating players. Still, there are Sci-Fi horror games that are talked about even before release. Here are some options to take a look at

  1. Ghost Protocol. This is a survival game by the creators of Dead Space. The entertainment is scheduled for release in December 2022. Sticky monsters and frightening long corridors with metal paneling are there to thrill players.
  2. Night of the Living Dead Space. The release date is unknown, but the brave ones who want to visit and get out of the trap on the space station should get ready now.
  3. Routine. First-person horror takes you to a space base, where you must constantly hide from the robots while following the mission. The development of the game is not the first year and is still going on.

Sci-Fi horror games are not fun for everyone. We recommend learning more about the sci-fi genre at Perhaps this information will make you a fan of entertainment with fantastic graphics and unexpected plot twists.


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