New Teaser For Found Footage Film ‘The Woodmen’ Teases The Horrors To Come

September 13, 2023

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Every year, hundreds of people disappear into national forests, never to be seen again. That is the mystery that the indie horror found-footage film The Woodman explores.


The new teaser trailer gives viewers a glimpse at the harrowing journey of three people in the Great Smokey Mountains, promising to leave genre fans on the edge of their seats.


Written and directed by Joshua Brucker (Mothman), the film stars Anna Clary, Dan Grogan, and Hunter Nino.


Produced by Gray Sky Pictures, Horror Dadz Productions, and 105ive Films, the official website for the movie has now gone live, offering exclusive insights, updates, and content surrounding the chilling world of The Woodmen.


Producer Louie La Vella shared his enthusiasm for the project and its upcoming promotional ventures, stating, “We have some very out-of-the-box marketing initiatives coming for this found footage film. We really want to be interactive with the community and have fans be a part of uncovering behind-the-scenes details as well as be a part of the fandom.”


Director and writer Joshua Brucker, reflecting on the filmmaking process, commented, “The filmmaking journey has been so much fun. From originating the concept to shooting in the woods, here we are, ready to show the world. We can’t wait to share The Woodmen with horror fans globally.”


The premiere date for The Woodmen is expected to be announced soon. Those subscribed to the official email list will gain first access to both theatrical and virtual screenings. This exclusive access also provides fans a unique opportunity to interact directly with the cast and crew post-screening.


Fans are encouraged to visit the official website and subscribe to updates, ensuring they won’t miss a moment of the thrilling content set to roll out in the weeks to come.





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