Starz’s “Shining Vale” Will Soon Disappear Into The Void

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December 24, 2023

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Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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“Shining Vale” starring Courteney Cox is no more. Starz has dropped the ax on the critically acclaimed macabre comedy after just two seasons. The real sting comes in the form of digital annihilation. Both seasons will be scrubbed from the Starz streaming service at the end of the year, potentially erasing this gem from cinematic history entirely.

While low viewership is cited as the culprit, the removal from streaming raises disturbing questions about the ephemeral nature of digital art. “Shining Vale,” lauded for its witty blend of scares and laughs, never saw a physical release. Now, with its streaming platform vanishing act, fans have until December 31st to catch a glimpse before it potentially disappears altogether.

A Haunting Premise Left Underexplored:

Season one introduced the dysfunctional Phelps family, seeking refuge in a possibly haunted Victorian mansion. Pat, played by Cox, grapples with demonic possession in the form of Rosemary, a chaotic entity mirroring her inner turmoil. Season two saw Pat return home from an asylum. Sho now faces family estrangement and a doppelganger neighbor eerily similar to Rosemary. The show explored themes of mental health, family dynamics, and confronting one’s demons, all with a dark comedic twist.

A Star-Studded Cast Lost in Limbo:

Shining Vale” boasts an impressive cast that includes Greg Kinnear, Mira Sorvino, Judith Light, and Allison Tolman, joining Cox on the chilling adventure. Their comedic timing and nuanced performances breathed life into the quirky characters and unsettling situations.

Watch it now:

Watch “Shining Vale” while you still have the chance on STARZ or Hulu, which has a free seven-day trial, before it disappears entirely into the void like so many other entertaining shows.

Here’s a look back at the season one trailer.


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