Recapture Your Childhood: ‘Little Monsters’ Is Coming To Steelbook

January 10, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Remember the mischievous monster under your bed who promised endless fun and forbidden treats? Relive that childhood thrill with the cult classic Little Monsters, returning to haunt your Blu-ray shelf in a stunning SteelBook® on March 5th from Lionsgate!

Join sixth-grader Brian (Fred Savage) as he befriends Maurice (Howie Mandel), the furry, hilarious monster who chills under his bed. Maurice invites Brian into a world of junk-food feasts and monster mayhem. A place where rules are for squares and grown-ups are strictly off-limits. But when Brian’s brother gets snatched, playtime is over! Get ready for an epic battle as Brian confronts his fears and takes on the monsters in their own zany realm.

This special Little Monsters SteelBook, exclusive to Walmart and featuring all-new artwork by Vance Kelly, is a must-have for any fan of 80s nostalgia and creature comedy. Packed with bonus features like:

  • Audio Commentary with a Monster Expert: Delve into the film’s secrets with Jarret Gahan, Editor-in-Chief of!
  • Unleash the Soundtrack: Dive into David Newman’s iconic score with isolated selections and an interview with the composer himself.
  • Meet the Monsters: Go behind the scenes with interviews with Howie Mandel (“Maurice”), producer Andrew Licht, special effects creator Robert Short, and more!
  • Vintage Treasures: Enjoy vintage interviews with the cast, behind-the-scenes footage, and even a glimpse of Howie Mandel’s monster-making process!

This isn’t just a movie, it’s a portal to a childhood where bedtime meant adventure and monsters were your best buds. So grab your flashlight, gather your courage, and prepare to have a blast with Little Monsters on SteelBook® Blu-ray™ + Digital on March 5th!

Program Information:

  • Release Date: March 5th, 2024
  • Format: SteelBook® Blu-ray™ + Digital
  • Price: $22.99 (Walmart exclusive)


Don’t miss out on this monstrously fun return to childhood! Pre-order your Little Monsters SteelBook today and get ready for a wild ride!

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