‘Steel Seed’ Game Trailer Teases a Dark Sci-Fi World

Steel Seed game

March 23, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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ESDigital Games and Storm in a Teacup are gearing up to showcase their highly anticipated title, Steel Seed, at GDC Play 2024. Ahead of GDC, watch the new game trailer. This thrilling new stealth action-adventure game for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S promises a gripping journey into a desolate future.

A World on the Brink:

Steel Seed plunges players into a dark sci-fi world ravaged by climate change. Humanity teeters on the edge of extinction, and the fate of the species rests on the shoulders of Zoe, a determined protagonist, and her loyal drone companion, KOBY.

Oleg Kudishov, CEO of ESDigital Games, acknowledges the talent behind the game, stating, “We are excited to be partnering with industry veteran Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi and his team.”

A Glimpse into the Depths:

GDC Play attendees will be among the first to experience firsthand Steel Seed‘s captivating gameplay. The demo promises to unveil the depths of the hostile underground facility Zoe and KOBY must navigate.

Key Features:
  • Engulfing Sci-Fi World: Immerse yourself in a meticulously crafted world shaped by environmental collapse. BAFTA-winner Martin Korda’s compelling narrative unfolds alongside Zoe’s character development.
  • Master of Shadows: Embrace the art of the silent assassin. Utilize stealth tactics to evade robotic guards and navigate treacherous environments undetected.
  • Dynamic Choices: Craft your playstyle. Explore the facility with an arsenal of customizable tools and gadgets. Unlock new skills for Zoe and KOBY to enhance your approach.
  • Thrilling Combat: Steel Seed isn’t just about sneaking around. Test your reflexes in fast-paced encounters. Dodge attacks, unleash powerful blows and strategically deploy KOBY’s abilities to overcome enemies.
  • Unique Challenges Await: Each level presents fresh obstacles to overcome, demanding strategic thinking and skillful execution from Zoe and KOBY.
  • Become the Parkour Master: Utilize Zoe’s agility to traverse the facility. From artificial, robot-controlled depths to open natural environments, master your movement to gain the upper hand.
  • KOBY: More Than Just a Drone: Take control of KOBY in Flight Mode. Scout for hidden areas, identify enemy positions and locate upgrades for Zoe. KOBY can also be used as a strategic decoy.
  • An Unbreakable Bond: Zoe and KOBY are a formidable team. Their combined strengths offer a fresh take on combat mechanics, making every encounter a test of skill and cooperation.
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Steel Seed is poised to be a standout title. Players can add it to their wishlists on Steam now. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting reveals as Steel Seed takes flight at GDC Play! Follow the development journey of Steel Seed on the official ESDigital Games and Storm in a Teacup websites.


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