New Trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Trap’ Teases A Huge Twist

Josh Hartnett - Trap

April 19, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Prepare for another mind-bending experience from M. Night Shyamalan with is latest film, Trap. The trailer has been unveiled, promising a thrilling and dark story with a huge twist.

A Night Out Takes a Sinister Turn

The film stars Josh Hartnett (“Pennydreadful”) as a father who takes his teenage daughter, Jody (Saleka Shyamalan), to a concert headlined by Lady Raven ( Ishana Shyamalan). What starts as a seemingly ordinary night out quickly spirals into a nightmare.

A Killer in the Midst

The trailer reveals a heart-pounding sequence as Hartnett’s character realizes they’re unwittingly attending a concert targeted by a serial killer. A shocking twist reveals that identity of the killer, with a glimpse of a captive on his phone hinting at a sinister plan unfolding.

Shyamalan’s Signature Style

The trailer offers a glimpse into Shyamalan’s signature style – a blend of suspense, sharp twists, and dark humor. Shyamalan describes it as a story “from the vantage point of an unexpected person,” creating a unique and unsettling viewing experience.45

A Family Affair

Trap is a true family affair for the Shyamalan clan. Shyamalan cast his daughters Saleka and Ishana, who is making her directorial debt with The Watchers, to portray the pop star and the writer of the film’s original songs, respectively.

Shyamalan on Casting Hartnett

The director spoke about his excitement for working with Hartnett, praising the actor’s willingness to fully commit to the role. “He works outside of Hollywood conventions,” Variety quotes Shyamalan as saying of his filmmaking approach, “making films in a small, reasonable way… What I’m looking for is someone that’s willing to just let go completely, give themselves over like a play to the movie, and leap, leap, leap.” Shyamalan believes he found that quality in Hartnett at the perfect time in his career.

Trapped in Theaters This August

Trap opens in theaters on August 9th. Buckle up and prepare to be surprised (and maybe a little scared) by M. Night Shyamalan‘s latest cinematic puzzle! Watch the trailer now to get a taste of the suspense that awaits.


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