Is “Welcome to Derry” Welcoming Bill Skarsgård?

Welcome to Derry Bill Skargard

May 29, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Bill Skarsgård absolutely nailed his role of Pennywise in Part One and Two of the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic story “IT.” The actor has sparked a frenzy of speculation with his recent remarks about MAX’s upcoming “Welcome to Derry” prequel series.

When news broke about “Welcome to Derry,” one question dominated discussions: Would Skarsgård reprise his terrifying portrayal of Pennywise? After all, the series’ developer, Andy Muschietti, also directed the “IT” movies, seemingly paving the way for Skarsgård’s return.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Muschietti offered some intriguing clues. He discussed his upcoming projects, including that “Welcome to Derry” is filming in Toronto – the same city where Skarsgård is coincidentally filming a mysterious project around the same time. This geographical coincidence, coupled with Skarsgård’s playful “maybe” when asked about returning as Pennywise, has fans buzzing.

While Skarsgård wasn’t initially confirmed for “Welcome to Derry,” he did leave the door open for a future return. He even offered advice to any potential Pennywise successors, highlighting the character’s inherent flexibility.

Welcome to Derry” delves deeper into Stephen King’s “IT” universe, expanding on the world established by the previous films. The cast boasts impressive names like Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo, and James Remar. But specific plot and character details surrounding the Pennywise character remain shrouded in secrecy.

Will Skarsgård terrify us once more? Only time will tell, but his and the director’s recent hints suggest Pennywise might not be done dancing with the Losers’ Club just yet.

Bill Skarsgård has been busy making a name for himself. He’s starred in multiple films this year, including the newly released Boy Kills World and the upcoming reboot of The Crow. And Let’s not forget about Robert Egger’s highly anticipated reimagining of Nosferatu, which will be released on Christmas Day.

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