Product Review: Agora Models ‘Alien’ Kit

June 9, 2024

Written by Daniel S. Liuzzi

Growing up, I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like to have a Xenomorph as a pet. Don’t look at me like that. The only issue is how to house a 7+ft tall creature out of Giger’s nightmares, the answer can be found at Agora Models. Specializing in intricate models you won’t find in any hobby store, especially due to the size of these models, the Alien model is nothing to sneeze at, this bug is 4 feet tall (when finished) and will have lights in the head-dome, a head that swivels after sensing movement, and a motorized retractable second jaw!

There’s a lot of assembly required to put this Xeno together with over 600 parts. No worries if you’re missing parts, I had that happen, Agora’s customer service helped get the missing parts sent over to me after I realized I was missing some. At the time of writing this, I’ll have to be honest, I’m only halfway done assembling the model Agora was awesome enough to send me, unfortunately, because there are some issues I ran into, the main issue being my lack of skill. This model is no joke to inexperienced model builders, this was meant for someone who takes model building quite seriously.





Another issue I ran into was how out of order and random the parts come, making organization difficult. For example, the first box is the head, jaw, and tibia (shin/leg), kind of random to be honest. If anything, I feel the model should start from the feet, then work its way up the body, and finish with the head since that’s where all the electronics are.

Another issue I ran into is the skin. The model is poseable and as a result, there is a latex/rubber skin that covers a good amount of the body and limbs. I had difficulty finding a hobby/superglue that would work on the skin, which is held to parts of the body with the help of magnets that unfortunately don’t seem strong enough to hold the skin on the model. To be honest, I think making this model poseable is not ideal, nothing on the site mentioned anything about it being posable, I thought this was more like a statue with a fixed pose that needed to be assembled, not a child-sized action figure.

Overall, as I’ve mentioned before, this model kit is for the pros or someone with a lot of patience as this kit is not cheap (it’s around $75 a box), which is a massive shame as the presentation and literature on the site have now come across as misleading along with the weak magnets, lack of physical instructions (PDF only), and unnecessarily confusing out of order construction.

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