Movie Review: The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death (2014)

April 25, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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‘The Woman In Black 2’ follows a group of children being evacuated from London during WWII, the children arrive at the Eel Marsh House 40 years after the first movie. The moment they arrive they wake The Woman in Black. Edward, a newly orphaned boy, becomes the focus of both Eva and The Woman in Black’s attention in this paranormal thriller.

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Pheobe Fox (One Day) plays the role of Eva, a teacher to the children. Eva has a sad back story. She was a young unwed mother, who’s baby was taken from her and put up for adoption. She has grown very attached to Edward , who’s parents were killed during the bombing of London. During they’re journey to the decaying manor, Eva meets a young handsome pilot named Harry (Jeremy Irvine), who is very interested in Eva, unfortunately Harry and Eva will not have a “happily ever after”.

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‘The Woman in Black’ stars Mary Roscoe (Les Miserables), Helen McCrory (Skyfall) as Jean, Adrian Rawlins (Harry Potter) as Dr. Rhodes and Leanne Best (Ripper Street) as the Woman in Black.

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‘The Woman In Black 2’ looked fantastic, every detail of the locations, costumes and sets were incredible, as was the acting. Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing a about the rest of the movie.  There were only a few scary moments and the movie was so predictable. From the very beginning anyone who’s seen a couple of horror movies could correctly guess what would happen next. To make things worse, they left the movie wide open for another sequel. If someone is new to horror, they might really like ‘The Woman in Black 2’, but I wouldn’t recommend it for horror veterans.

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‘The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death’ is now out on DVD.





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