A Remake And A Sequel To Dee Snider’s ‘Strangeland’ Are Entering Production

May 7, 2015

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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In the next couple of years we will see two new ‘Strangeland’ movies. For years Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has been working to get the sequel to his 1998 movie ‘Strangeland’ off the ground, it seems the sequel is finally in motion and has entered preproduction. The sequel, titled ‘Strangeland:Disciple’, was written by Snider, as was the original. Snider will also be returning to play his twisted character Captain Howdy. Emaji Entertainment is working on a remake of Snider’s original ‘Strangeland’ movie, but at the moment that’s all we know about Eamji’s project.

strangeland 1

In ‘Strangeland’, Captain Howdy is a  mastocistic killer, who uses chat rooms to find his victims . At the end of ‘Strangeland’ it appears Captain Howdy is burned to death, but in the beginning of ‘Disciple’ Captain Howdy is rushed to the hospital and checked into the burn unit.

Snider has stated that ‘Disciple’ is now holding casting calls. As for the rating, the movie will be NC-17 because of the level of violence and gore. There is no word yet about who will be directing the film. Stay tuned for more information.

strangeland 2


The trailer for ‘Strangeland’ (1998)



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