Is a Main Charater Being Killed Off? Fear The Walking Dead: RECAP/REVIEW

April 25, 2016

Written by Capt McNeely

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The new episode kicks off with a change of face. See what I did there? The new faces aren’t named but answer the questions as to how so many infected are washing up on the shore still kicking. After one of the guys on the raft knocks the other off from suspion of the man being infected the raft is left with just him a women and a charred man, it’s later revealed the man that knocked the other over the raft is infected as well, as he attacks Travis as he’s fixing the feces backed up yacht underwater. Meanwhile remember last episode when Daniel snooped into Victors stuff to find out what he was hiding, it’s revealed he found out here Victor was taking the clan. Daniel revealed to Madison that Victor was lying when he was all secretive and was like he didn’t know where they were all going to get shelter on land, he knew all along. They’re going to Mexico. During that reveal Alicia spots an island littered with the continents of the decreased’s belongings, after a quick argument, Alica, Nick, Chris and Daniel were off to the new land. During their expidition Madison made her way over to Victor and interigated him as to why it was all a secret that they were docking in Mexico. He then revealed that there, there would be shelter and food and security but also in turn revealing his master plan from the start was to drop off one by one of the members of the ship like flys off a screen in the summer. This didn’t go well with Madison and she went at it with Victor and they finally reached an agreement to trust each other. Flash over to the island, we find Nick, Chris, Alicia and Daniel looting. While Chris ventures off he finds a crashed plane, inside, the victims, one alive begging for mercy, the others trapped in their seat belts. In a intense scene Chris killed the man begging for mercy, along with the rest of the infected. During all of this Daniel and Alicia and Nick are looking for Chris and while Nick is looking for him we finds a pit with an infected inside, after his drawn out gawking at this grotesque creature stuck in quick sand he finds himself falling down the pit into the clutches of the zombie. He fought and fought and fought and fought but it was no use [what’d you think he’s was only gonna die in season 2!]. Nick survived but another zombie rolled down and went after him, during all of this Chris is found by Alicia and the survivor from the opening along with [soon to be revealed] her charred friend is found by Daniel, and they all make their way back to the shore, while an army of zombies charge toward them. The broken group is quickly made whole again when Nick caked in blood makes his return! The group after making a partial win starts to venture back onto their raft back to the yacht but before doing so Nick goes face to face with an infected. And nothing. Seemingly stolen from ‘The Walking Dead’ or ‘World War Z’ Nick, covered in the blood of their own, was not touched by the infected, he even snarled as if he was bitten, which in turn begs the question, is Nick turning? As the group climbs back onto the deck Victor refuses for the new girl to join or even help her charred friend. After Madison and Travis argue with Victor a agreement is made to only provide them food and water and a rope strapped to the boat where then they would then drop them off and keep moving forward for Mexico. Victor however is accustomed to being the boss and axes the rope tied to the woman and charred man’s raft and doesn’t say a word about it. Ending with Nick handing over the rosary beads to Ofelia.

The episode most surely stirred up a ton questions, was confusing, brought new elements to the walkers and most importantly solved some questions. That being said E3 S2 Fear The Walking Dead’ gets 3/5 stars




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