Jack the Stripper – Not a Typo

January 3, 2017

Written by Capt McNeely

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london_sewerage_system_11Everyone knows the name Jack the Ripper.  The serial killer who was never captured from the 1800s in London; however, there is a much less publicized killer from England dubbed Jack the Stripper.  Like his near-namesake, he slaughtered prostitutes, was never captured, and the killings ceased on their own for an unknown reason.


Between the years 1964-1965 The Stripper murdered 6-8 women s2bjw7vand deposited their bodies near the River Thames.  His victims were not sexually abused, but they were left nude and horrifically mutilated for the public to discover.  No connection between the victims was ever confirmed, but it was highly thought that they were all prominent members of the underground pornography scene in London.


Chief Superintendent John Du Rose of Scotland Yard

Chief Superintendent John Du Rose of Scotland Yard

John Du Rose, the chief of Scotland Yard at the time, searched vigilantly for the killer, and a list of over 7,000 suspects were interviewed…but to no avail.  Then Du Rose had another plan.  He held a news conference where he announced that he list of suspects had been whittled down to 20, then 10, and then 3.  This was completely false, but the murders stopped after the first press conference.  Although Jack the Stripper remained at large, no more prostituted were found murdered.


The main suspect at the time if the killings was a man named Mungo Ireland.  Ireland was a security guard in his ‘40s with a wife and children who couldn’t take the pressure of being the prime suspect in such vicious crimes.  One morning he left a note for his wife: “I can’t stick it out any longer.  To save you and the police looking for me, I’ll be in the garage.”  Ireland was found in his garage, dead due to self-inflicted carbon monoxide poisoning.  This suicide was huge evidence for many pointing to the fact that Ireland was the demonic Jack the Stripper, but it was soon proven that he was out of the country during some of the murders which made it impossible for him to be guilty.



In 2011 a book was published by Neil Milins entitled Who Was Jack the Stripper?  In this book, Milins names Harold Jones as the prime suspect.  At the age of 17, Jones had murdered two girls, but was freed 20 years later out into the public. It was easily pointed out, though, that Jones had no license, vehicle, or means to transport bodies as the real Stripper would have needed.


Who the true Jack the Stripper was remains unsolved and unfortunately, his tale remains mostly unknown.

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