Castle with Cigar Smoking Ghost For Sale

January 9, 2018

Written by Capt McNeely

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Birkwood House, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, pre-1905

Birkwood Castle in Scotland has been put on the market as its owners have gone into administration. For £80m ($1,356,670.00) you can buy the former psychiatric hospital that’s being developed into a luxurious hotel along with houses being built on the property, the castle is not the only thing you will buy with your purchase; you will also get its ghosts.

The gothic style Birkwood Castle was built in the 1860’s, in the 1920’s it was purchased and was used as a psychiatric hospital for teens for over 90 years before being closed down in 2002. Former staff, owners, and locals have reported strange occurrences there ranging from a ghost of a man smoking a cigar wondering the halls of the castle and a former doctor who died from a heart attack while working in the hospital is reported to be seen looking out windows. Near the main stairwell, it’s said that a boy named Michael fell to his death by accident but still plays around the stairs. It’s been reported that the sounds of a child singing can be heard coming from one of the empty rooms at times as well as a little girl talking or crying. Footsteps are also heard in the empty hallways but the most sinister ghost said to haunt the castle is one of a man who was stabbed in the throat.

The damage from the collapse in 2015

In 2015, part of the castle collapsed which left people baffled but paranormal researchers believe it was done by the ghosts in the castle who were not happy with the idea of the castle being turned into a luxurious hotel.

Renovation, you can see where the collapsed part of the castle behind the wall on the left.

If you have the cash and will to help see the restoration of the castle through and are willing to put up with some potentially destructive ghosts, Birkwood Castle awaits!
This footage is from Glasgow Paranormal Investigations (GPI) the video shows a teddy bear falling in front of the camera, the action starts at 1:15 in the video, I’m not offering my opinion, judge for yourself if the footage is real or not.


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