Movie Review: ‘Trick’ Is A Treat

December 6, 2019

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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It’s December, and if you’re like me you already miss Halloween and the movies it brought to us. I got a taste of our favorite holiday last night while watching RLJE Films’ Halloween set slasher Trick which will arrive on DVD and Digital on December 17th.

In the film, Omar Epps (“House”) stars as Detective Mike Denver, an investigator who is obsessed with bringing down “Trick”, a killer who snuffed out the young lives of his classmates at a costume party on Halloween night in 2015. Every year following the attack “copycats” in other towns carry out their own killings. Did Trick survive 3 bullets and a long fall or are there more killers out there?

It appears that director Patrick Lussier and writers Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier aim to create a new genre icon. And I think they’ve created a viable story and killer/killers. I could easily see Trick becoming a new interesting franchise.

The special effects in the movie were great, save for the scene involving Trick’s fall from a hospital window, it reminded me why I’m a big believer in practical effects and avoiding CGI when possible. Anyway… I have to give props to the FX team, the killers’ masks were absolutely fantastic. I will be disappointed if I don’t see copies of the masks up for sale by next Halloween. There were several including a pumpkin mask, a skull mask, and a clown mask which looks like a nod to Killer Klowns from Outerspace.

Omar Epps really throws himself into the role and does a great job of expressing the detective’s obsession, fear, and determination. You can’t help but respect the character and cheer for him.





Kristina Reyes’ complicated character makes a great final girl. Her backstory is heartbreaking but she refuses to stop fighting. While trying to cope with life, a sick father, and a killer who wants to finish what he started, her character Cheryl remains relatable, down to earth, and badass.

I wish I could say great things about Jamie Kennedy’s role, but he comes across awkward. His backstory is missing which causes the final twist to leave you with more questions than answers.

Now we need to talk about the movie’s big twist, that there are many Tricks, not just one. I saw this coming a mile away. There are obvious signs throughout Trick, the quickness that the killer moves, being shot yet they show no sign of injuries, and the convenient way the killers always get away. I found that a little disappointing, but it’s still worth a watch.

I do think it was a great idea that they don’t delve into the killers’ backstories. The original Trick, played by Thom Niemann, revealed that they kill simply because they can and because they are good at it. It keeps you from sympathizing with the killers which prevents you from making excuses for them or seeing them as people. Too often in movies, killers make excuses for their actions and we are given reasons why they are who they are. That’s not the case here and I like that.

I would not be surprised if a sequel to Trick was in the works. The way the ending is set up, the door was left wide open for another installment and personally, I’d be interested in seeing a sequel.

I found Trick entertaining. Its story is both interesting and fresh. That’s why I’m giving it a 4 out 5. Be sure to pick up your copy on December 17th.



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