New ‘Van Helsing’ Movie On Its Way From ‘Overlord’ Director

December 2, 2020

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Universal is continuing to add new versions of their classic Universal Monster franchise. Deadline is reporting that a new movie that centers on Van Helsing is now in the works.


Horror heavy hitter James Wan (The Conjuring) will be producing the movie with Overlord‘s Julius Avery in the director’s chair.  Eric Pearson wrote the original script, which Avery is rewriting.


Van Helsing has long been the mortal enemy of Dracula and hunts down and slays monsters of all kinds. First mentioned in Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1897, the character was played by Anthony Hopkins in 1992’s film adaptation by director Francis Ford Coppola. Hugh Jackman starred in the role in 2004’s Van Helsing written and directed by Stephen Sommers. Syfy’s series also featured a Van Helsing, this time it was Vanessa Van Helsing (Kelly Overton), the descendent of Abraham Van Helsing. There is no word yet about who will star in the new film.


Following the success of The Invisible Man, starring Elisabeth Moss, it’s no surprise that Universal is continuing to add to their collection new versions of their classic franchise.


Be sure to check out our interview with Shuler Hensely who starred alongside Jackmon as Frankenstein’s monster in Van Helsing.

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