Chinese Hit Thriller ‘Sheep Without A Shepherd’ Getting A US Release



Artsploitation Films has acquired the thriller Sheep Without a Shepherd, the Chinese hit film that grossed over $192,000,000 during its theatrical run in 2019.


Malaysian director Sam Quah‘s debut feature film is a big-budget noir thriller as well as a remake of the 2013 Indian film, Drishyam. It follows a family man and self-described movie-geek who is thrown into a battle of wits with the law after his daughter accidentally kills a fellow student who was blackmailing her. The dead boy’s mother (Twin Peaks’ Joan Chen) is the morally “flexible” police chief determined to find her son’s killer.


Joan Chen, Yang Xiao, Zhuo Tan, Philip Keung, Audrey Hui, Tianyang Bian, Xiran Zhang, Paul Chun, Ming-Shuai Shih, Jerry Chih-Wei Huang, Yang Gu, and Julian Chen star in the film written by Kaihua Fan, Jeethu Joseph, Sheng Lei, Peng Li, Yuqian Qin, Weiwei Yang, and Pei Zhai.


This inventive tale of blackmail, murder and corruption, and a quest for justice will be released on both DVD and streaming platforms in the US on March 23, 2021.



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