Movie Review: No One Will Save You – A Great Movie Ruined By Its Ending

September 24, 2023

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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A new sci-fi horror film, Now One Will Save You, has just premiered on Hulu and has quickly taken the rank as the number one movie on the service. Let’s talk about it.


Warning! Spoilers!


Starring Kaitlyn Dever as Brynn, the film sees a young woman who is a shut-in, avoiding everyone because of a terrible mistake she made when she was young. One night, an intruder breaks in, but it is no human; it’s aliens! Watch as she fights to survive the onslaught of creatures that come for her.


Dever gives a fantastic performance even though not a single line of real dialogue is spoken in the entire movie, a risky choice by the writer-director Brian Duffield, still it pays off, adding to the feeling of isolation. Dever is able to tell her story by showing emotion. It’s really quite impressive.


Let’s talk about these aliens. They come in five forms, each with different body shapes, with some looking like your average “gray” and others of different sizes with various configurations of long appendages, long arms and short legs, big ones with super long arms and super long legs, sort of looking like a giant praying mantis with an alien head, those were the ones that creeped me out the most. The ones that look like your average grays have an incredible form of telekinesis strong enough to throw furniture and people around, which they use constantly.


The question is, what do the aliens want? To take over the world, of course. But not just any old regular alien way. The grays hock-up this little thing that looks like a ball of living spaghetti and shoves it down people’s throats. It takes over their mind and ultimately can create a doppelganger of its host.


This is when things get weird. They just want to take over our lives. The ending of the movie shows them living as us. After surviving her abduction, Brynn finds herself in a better world, hosting a dance party. It’s bizarre.


If it were my choice, the movie would have ended several scenes prior, with Brynn dying in the arms of her doppelganger. But that’s not how it ends. It was great up to that. In all honesty, the super cheerful ending ruined what was a good movie, which at its core is about Brynn forgiving herself and fighting to really live again after hiding herself away, living for years with the guilt of killing her best friend as a child. But that ending, seriously, WTF?


So, my verdict, the movie up to the last scene was cleaver, gripping, eerie, and fantastic. It’s just too bad that it ended the way it did. It’s a shame, it would have have been a great movie. Even though this movie has a ton of great aspects and performances, I just can’t get past the end.



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