Director Gregory Lamberson Returns with Werewolf Horror ‘Frenzy Moon’

Frenzy moon

April 23, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Get ready to howl at the moon! Cult filmmaker Gregory Lamberson is celebrating four decades in independent cinema with a brand new werewolf movie, Frenzy Moon.

A Return to Creature Features

Lamberson, known for films like Slime City and Killer Rack, “is going back to his roots. He describes the screenplay as a thrilling blend of John Carpenter’s The Thing and the classic werewolf flick The Howling. The story follows six college students and a mysterious stranger who find themselves trapped in a terrifying fight for survival against a pack of ferocious werewolves in a remote cabin.

Passion Project Takes Shape

Frenzy Moon has been a long time coming for Lamberson. He originally envisioned directing the film after Johnny Gruesome, but other projects took precedence. The global pandemic also threw a wrench into his plans, making a cabin-set horror film impractical. However, Lamberson’s dedication to monster movies never wavered, and Frenzy Moon is finally poised to become a reality.

A Dream Team for a Nightmarish Project

Lamberson is assembling a stellar crew to bring the film to life. He’ll be reuniting with his collaborators from Guns of Eden, including co-producers Tamar Lamberson, Chris Cosgrave (cinematographer), and Keith Lukowski. Genre veteran David Tripet (Arrival, Wishmaster) joins the team as executive producer, lending his experience to the project.

Practical Effects Promise Hair-raising Terror

Creature effects maestro John David Vincent is on board to create the film’s practical special effects. Vincent, a former collaborator of stop-motion legend David Allen, will be crafting an animatronic werewolf suit, along with the impressive 18-inch rod puppet featured in the film’s teaser trailer.

A Legacy of Indie Horror

Lamberson has carved a niche for himself in the independent horror scene. He’s made his mark with films like I Was a Teenage Zombie and Plutonium Baby and has collaborated with iconic figures like Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, and Lynn Lowry. Beyond filmmaking, Lamberson is a prolific author with 15 books to his name and recently launched the Amazing Fantasy Fest, a successor to his long-running Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.

How to Support “Frenzy Moon”

With a passionate team and a chilling concept, Frenzy Moon promises to be a must-see for werewolf enthusiasts. Fans can learn more about the project and support the film’s Indiegogo campaign by visiting Gregory Lamberson’s website. Get ready for a furry good time (or perhaps a terrifying one) when Frenzy Moon.


Frenzy Moon

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