Movie Review: Harbinger Down (2015)

Last night I popped a bag of popcorn and settled in to watch Alec Gillis’ new horror film ‘Harbinger Down’. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the special effects master did not disappoint. You should recognize Gillis’ name. He has done the special effects for many films including ‘Aliens’, ‘The Monster Squad’ (1987), ‘AVP’, […]

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SOMA Hits PC and PS4

If you ever played Amnesia: The Dark Decent and were a fan, you’ll be happy to know that Frictional Games’ latest horror endeavour, SOMA, is now available on Steam and the PS4 Network. Imagine if Bioshock and Amnesia had a baby, and then Alien: Isolation and Outlast had a baby, then those two babies grew […]

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the exorcist 1

Just As We Feared, Someone Is Rebooting ‘The Exorcist’

It’s been forty years since 1973’s horror film, ‘The Exorcist’, appeared in theaters, leaving people passed out in their seats, and began it’s reign as one of the most frightening and beloved films in history. Hollywood has been on a remake binge lately and it seems that ‘The Exorcist’ is to be one of it’s […]

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the witch

‘The Witch’ Conjures A Release Date

‘The Witch’, written and directed by Robert Eggers, who won the award for ‘Best Director’ at this years’ Sundance Film Festival, where the film premiered.  Studio A24, the studio behind ‘Ex Machina’, announced release date for ‘The Witch’ yesterday via Twitter as February 26th. In ‘The Witch’ old traditional fears of magic, witchcraft, and possession […]

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‘Pet Sematary’ Documentary Slated For Release in 2016

  ‘Pet Sematary’ is the latest classic horror film to be the focus of a documentary. The documentary, titled ‘Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary’, has been acquired by Terror Films and is set to be released in early 2016. The documentary was written and directed by John Campopiano and Justin White, who […]

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Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Sequel Is Titled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’

We reported in August that during an interview for the September issue of Total Film Magazine, director Ridley Scott stated that he would “begin shooting Prometheus 2 in January.”. The sequel’s official name has just been released, the name of the 2016 film is ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’.‘Prometheus’ (2012) was part of the world that began with […]

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