American Revenant: The Monster in Man by John L. Davis IV

October 17, 2015

Written by Fox Emm

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American Revenant: The Monster in Man by John L. Davis IV is the newest addition to the American Revenant series and is available on Kindle Unlimited and for purchase through Amazon. When I had the chance to read the third installment in this doomsday prepping approach to the zombie apocalypse, I couldn’t say no! Especially since this installment promised to be the most intense volume, yet.

Book Description:

The third installment in the “American Revenant” series follows a community of doomsday prepping families through the devastation of the zombie apocalypse. The survivors have already lost much in their search for a safe haven. In the midst of the devastation, they have begun to realize just how much they have left to lose.

Follow Gordon and the others as they struggle to gather more resources and fortify their new dwellings. Although they can grow food and purify caught rainwater, they have begun to realize that there are some things they simply can’t do without. Unfortunately, trying to collect medical supplies and discovering more about their surroundings puts the group at greater risk.

In this thrilling third volume, find out what it means to be a small society in the wake of total devastation.The survivors finally learn what loss truly feels like, and just how little they can rely on the decency of their fellow man.

Fans of Ryan Casey’s “Dead Days” series or Mark Tufo’s “Zombie Fallout” series can’t afford to miss “American Revenant!”

As with the previous books, I enjoy Davis’ writing style and cadence. The pacing feels right, more like a natural series of events than some of the other zombie books I’ve read. Although there are obviously periods which are slower than others, Davis counters the mundane by making sure those pieces slide by quickly. This book, perhaps more than the others, tugged on my heart strings. At this point in the series, readers will have gotten attached to the characters and will know more about them. After spending several hundred pages with characters that feel like real people, you can’t expect anything less.

I loved this book. The plot has persistently surprised me in every volume, and this book is no different. I also appreciated the fact that the characters aren’t becoming stale. They are evolving as their situation changes, and that’s a wonderful thing to see on paper. While there are obviously some overarching consistencies in each individual character (they are, after-all, technically the same people), you can also see how the situation has influenced their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

If you haven’t started the American Revenant series yet, you’re missing out. Right now you can own all 3 books for $5.98, so don’t wait to check out this great series. (The first one’s free!)


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