New Walking Dead Comic Reveals That Rick Grimes Has A Sibling

April 21, 2016


Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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Warning Walking Dead Comic Spoilers Ahead!

Yesterday afternoon Robert Kirkman, the creator of both The Walking Dead comic and show, teased that something big was coming.

kirkman tweet

We all know that in the show that there are only three members of the Grimes family, or is there? According to the graphic novel released last night, titled The Walking Dead: The Alien, there are is another Grimes family member out there, Rick’s brother Jeff. Yes, Rick has a younger brother (by two years), though it has never been discussed in the series before.

the alien

Lori revealed in a conversation in the comics how she and Rick met while she was a senior in high school. Jeff invited Lori to a party and who was chaperoning, big brother Rick. Rick was in college at the time studying to be a police officer.

jeff grimes

The digital-only release puts Jeff in Barcelona running from zombies when a woman (Claudia) rescues him while wearing a suit of armor and driving a moped. Jeff tells her about “Richie” and that the last time he saw him Richie was in a coma. Together Jeff and Claudia strike out for the docks hoping to find a boat and try to make it back to the states. But as they reach the boat Jeff is bitten.

We all know that the comics and the show sometimes differ. But now that the two have been introduced it is possible that at some point that Jeff and Claudia may show up in the television series. If you would like to read the full digital comic you can download it at .

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