The Hunt Is On: First Details Of ‘Predator: Badlands’ Emerge

Predator Badlands

February 11, 2024

Written by Kelli Marchman McNeely

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The hunt is on! Predator returns for a  new movie! Just over a year after the Emmy-nominated movie Prey captivated audiences and smashed records on Hulu, director Dan Trachtenberg is gearing up for his next movie, Predator: Badlands. 

Not a Sequel:

While details are scarce, word is the new movie won’t directly follow the events of Prey, according to THR. Instead, it takes a bold leap into the future, venturing beyond the historical setting of the previous film. This opens up exciting possibilities for a fresh narrative and unique challenges for both Predator and humanity.

From Comanche Warriors to Unknown Frontiers:

Prey thrilled viewers by transporting us back to 1700s North America, showcasing a fierce Comanche warrior’s battle against the deadly Predator. This prequel proved that the franchise could thrive beyond its core premise, and the new installment promises to continue innovating.

A Legacy Forged in Action and Innovation:

The Predator mythos stretches back to 1987, with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic performance. Subsequent sequels explored diverse settings and characters, from Danny Glover battling the Predator in a dystopian Los Angeles to a group of ruthless killers facing the creature in a deadly game. Badlands inherits this legacy of genre-bending action and promises to add another thrilling chapter.

Trachtenberg at the Helm of a “Predatorverse”:

Following the critical and commercial success of Prey, which ranked at number one on our Top 10 Horror Films of 2022 list, 20th Century Studios sees Dan Trachtenberg as a key figure in shaping the future of the Predator franchise. With Badlands in development and more projects reportedly on the horizon, Trachtenberg’s vision could lead to a diverse and exciting new “Predatorverse.”

Where to Catch Up:
While we wait for Predator: Badlands to emerge from the shadows, you can revisit Prey on Hulu and immerse yourself in the thrilling hunt that set the stage for this exciting new chapter.

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