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4K Ultra HD Review: The Day of the Beast (1995)

After deciphering an ancient text, a priest (Álex Angulo) sets about to avert the birth of the antichrist on Christmas Day of 1995 in Madrid, but there’s just one problem… he must summon the devil to accomplish his goal, and he has no fuckin’ clue on how to pull off that unholy miracle! After blowin’ […]

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‘Bubba The Redneck Werewolf’ Provides A Hair-Raising Good Time – Now On Hulu

    One of the best indie comedies to come out of 2017 is the devilishly good horror flick Bubba the Redneck Werewolf. Now the fun flick is making waves on Hulu and well, you just have to watch it.   Director Brendan Jackson Rogers delivers this hair-raising movie starring Mitch Hyman, Malone Thomas, Gary […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Attic Expeditions (2001)

Our boy Trevor (Andras Jones) is coolin’ his heels in Ye Olde Insane Asylum after having supposedly murdered his girlfriend. While there he is plagued by  nightmares about black magic (and murder ‘natch). Trevor’s doc, Dr. Ek (the legend himself, Jeffrey Combs) is hellbent on plundering all of Trevor’s subconscious secrets and utilize it for […]

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Murderous Mayhem Is Unleashed In The Horror Comedy ‘Happy Times’

    Michael Mayer (Out in the Dark) returns to filmmaking with  Happy Times, a decidedly raucous horror-comedy to be released this February. In the film, “an Israeli American couple invite friends and family over to their Hollywood mansion for a Shabbat dinner party. But a deadly mix of alcohol, inflated egos, inappropriate lust, and raging […]

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Juan Ortiz’s Fantastic Phobia Horror-Comedy ‘Fingers’ Now On Shudder

We all have some type of phobia, but one woman’s growing list of irrational fears is spiraling out of control in the horror-comedy Fingers from writer-director-producer Juan Ortiz.   Produced by Natalé Olsen (Steve Jobs), the movie stars Sabina Friedman-Seitz (The Boy Downstairs), Jeremy Gardner (Bliss), and Michael St. Michaels (The Greasy Strangler).   Fingers follows Amanda (Sabina […]

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Horror Comedy ‘Happy Times’ Coming To Blu-ray

    Artsploitation Films will be releasing the decidedly raucous horror-comedy Happy Times this February.   In the film, an Israeli American couple invites friends and family over to their Hollywood mansion for a Shabbat dinner party. But a deadly mix of alcohol, inflated egos, inappropriate lust, and raging jealousy turns the sedate affair into […]

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Horror Comedy ‘Psycho Goreman’ To Be Unleashed In January 2021

    We last reported on Psycho Goreman back in May. Now, we have an update. RLJE Films has set a 2021 release date for the horror-comedy written and directed by Steven Kostanski (The Void, The Divide, Father’s Day).     In PG, siblings Mimi and Luke unwittingly resurrect an ancient alien overlord who was […]

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Check Out The New Trailer For The Horror Comedy ‘OverKill’

    Both the official poster and trailer are here for writer-director-editor Alex Montilla‘s (Hot Tub Time Machine) new horror-comedy short film OverKill.   Starring Amy Letcher, Mike Hall, and Will Coffin, the award-winning film is a comedic take on a familiar setup: when too-woke-for-their-own-good college kids are terrorized by an unstoppable masked killer, the final […]

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Blu-ray Review: Lake Michigan Monster (2018)

Lake Michigan Monster concerns the adventures of Captain Seafield (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, who also co-wrote/directed the picture); a man obsessed with the monster he believes killed his father in the shallow depths of Lake Michigan… though the details of said event are rather mutable in our hero’s constantly shifting narrative. Anyhow, that slap-happy seaman […]

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